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The Brie Show Holiday Gift Guide

The Brie Show Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. Well…..sorta.

As much as I hate that every store in America tucks in Fall decor the first week of October and brings out Christmas trees (I’m talking to you Michaels), as an artist, planing ahead is the only way to make everyone’s Holiday Dreams come true.

Gifting is wonderful, it’s beautiful, it’s love. You know what isn’t love? Getting your mom a blanket for the third year in a row that has tiny birds on it because she has a bird themed house. Her house isn’t bird themed because she likes birds. Her house is bird themed because she got one bird cookie jar in 2005 and everyone thought that was her thing and she’s too sweet of a woman to say she doesn’t love the endless feather themed gifts.

I’m getting off track.

This year, make it special. The world has been a crazy fiery nightmare of stress, loss and being locked in your 600 square foot apartment with your roommate that leaves their dirty underwear in the bathroom. Treat yourself, treat your friends, treat your family with a gift that REALLY counts.

What I've got for YOU.

CUSTOM CUSTOM CUSTOM. Get it perfectly custom made.


$60 per illustration/design + printing & shipping


$100-500 (based on size)

Gimme a color palette, tell me about your person and I'll take it from there.


$250-$1500 (based on detail and size)

A cheaper option is for an illustration print. This would be art printed onto high quality paper with wrapping included.

Custom Prints also available: $50-$100 (add framing services for additional cost)


Jackets/Purses: $75-$200



EMAIL ME: & place your orders before nov. 20th to guarantee arrival before dec. 25th.

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